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FKC Foundation campaigns in Faye's name for Cervical Cancer

Faye Knowles-Chapman sadly lost her battle against Cervical Cancer at the young age of 27, in memory of Faye we are trying to raise awareness amongst young women and people in general. We are campaigning to get the minimum age for screening reduced or even removed altogether.
  • Awesome ImageRaising awareness through events
  • Awesome ImageSupporting families dealing with tragedy
  • Awesome ImageEducating on the importance of screening

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There are many ways you can get involved. Help us with our events, host one of your own or
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Cervical cancer is the 4th most common cancer in women

Cervical cancer is a cancer that's found anywhere in the cervix. The cervix is the opening between the vagina and the womb (uterus). It's part of the reproductive system and is sometimes called the neck of the womb.
Nearly all cervical cancers are caused by an infection from certain types of human papillomavirus (HPV).
It can often be prevented by attending cervical screening, which aims to find and treat changes to cells before they turn into cancer.
Cervical cancer usually grows very slowly. How serious it is depends on how big it is, if it has spread and your general health.

New cases a year
New cases every day
  • Blood spots or light bleeding between or following periods
  • Menstrual bleeding longer and heavier than usual
  • Increased vaginal discharge
  • Unexplained, persistent pelvic and/or back pain
  • Pain during sexual intercourse
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